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Arsenal's Facebook Page Taunts Fans With Fresh Transfer Rumors

Coming off a 5-1 thrashing to Liverpool and a 0-0 root canal to United, Arsenal's FB page gives fans links to transfer rumors and asks, with inappropriate cheer, "What positions would you like to see strengthened?"

A new transfer rumor, here with an old transfer rumor.
A new transfer rumor, here with an old transfer rumor.
Michael Regan

Yesterday's 0-0 loss to draw with Man United, coupled with the horror that was losing to Liverpool 5-1 over the weekend, has a great number of Arsenal fans feeling very low. The folks at, sensitive to the fretting faithful who are having fresh new nightmares about City or Chelsea winning the Premier League title, have decided to cheer everyone up with . . . transfer rumors!

Here's this morning's post on the Book of Face:

Two midfielders and a high-profile striker have been linked with summer moves to #Arsenal ... find out who they are in today's Media Watch.

Which positions would you like to see strengthened?

The obvious answer on what could be improved is "trophy winning" -- or, in light of yesterday's late-match lack of urgency, "giving a crap." As you might expect, fans on Facebook are of the opinion that Arsenal could shore things up at striker, and feel that perhaps a change in manager would be worth a try.

So, while we brace for a rematch with Liverpool in the FA Cup run this weekend, here are some new transfer rumors to ponder:

According to the Daily Star, Porto midfielder Fernando could happen. He's 26, City's allegedly been interested, and he's allegedly interested in a move to the Prem.

Over at the Metro, comically-coiffed writer Jamie Sanderson is reviving the Balotelli rumors.

According to the Daily Mail, Wolfsburg's 19-year-old attacking midfielder Maximilan Arnold, who appears to be a Draxler Lite, is on Arsenal's radar. John Cross says that Arnold is also piquing the interest of striker-hoarding Juventus.

If only there were a March transfer window for everyone to get excited about.