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I Can't Believe The Liverpool-Arsenal Game Was Cancelled

The FA have gone too far by cancelling the Liverpool-Arsenal game that was due to be played this past Saturday. It is an inexcusable abuse of power and shall never be forgotten.

Michael Regan

It is highly infuriating and unbelievable that the FA would choose to cancel the Liverpool-Arsenal game that was due to be played this past weekend for unknown reasons. It is no secret that the FA always seem to be embroiled in some controversy regarding the way they handle obstacles such as racism, assault and general football matters but to choose to completely abandon a match that is this pivotal to the title race and a Champions League spot is unreal. It's downright cynical and detrimental to their already damaged reputation.

To make matters worse, there seems to be no reason given or even a statement released to chronicle this situation, it's just as if the match never happened. Some have speculated that the match was abandoned due to the overuse of the word "tactics" by Brendan Rodgers, that he literally broke the space-time continuum, and in turn caused the hours that the game was scheduled to be played at to completely disappear. While that theory is very plausible, some have also speculated that the match was just abandoned by the FA because of the lack of storylines and narratives for this season.

Personally, I believe that this is just another example of the FA's inability to function as an organization. They seem to be in a cold war with the United States government to see who can be the most inefficient, and while they are not yet at the level of shutting down the entire institution, cancelling an important and profitable match between two of the EPL's heavyweights is a new level of idiocy. There is no excuse, and personally, I will accept no apology --if they even give one-- about this cancellation

I am livid --irate even-- that the powers that be would not only go through with such a heinous decision, while embarking on some sort of ill-advised media blackout about the game, but that they would treat the fans so low as to believe that we would just go along with their pretense. You deserve better, we deserve better, fans of football deserve better than to be toyed with by the elites who want to flaunt their power for selfish reasons.

No matter though, I realize that I am powerless against the FA and most likely they will leave this match cancelled with no chance for a replay. It is a sad fate but hey, what can you do? I reckon Arsenal would have blitzed Liverpool anyways, with so many defensive players out and what not.