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Arsenal announce team 24 hours early, throw world into disarray

Why? Not sure.

Arsenal's Saturday, in picture form
Arsenal's Saturday, in picture form
Clive Mason/Getty Images

It's required that teams make their lineups available to the public a minimum of one hour before kickoff. This is a custom that most teams adhere to reflexively - it's just part of the routine. Every once in a while, though, things get done a bit differently, for...reasons. Today is one of those once in a whiles, as David Hytner (among others) tweeted out in a few tweets this morning:

Why did Arsene announce his team today and not wait? Not really sure, and it's not a big deal either way - this wasn't a leak, it came straight from Arsene, so it's not like THERE'S A MOLE INSIDE CTU or anything. It just seems to be One Of Those Things, and so now we have a whole day to discuss the intricacies of the actual game lineup as opposed to an hour. Yay?