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Alexis Sanchez "in the red zone," according to Arsene Wenger

*screams internally*

The Alexis Fuse dot com
The Alexis Fuse dot com
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Arsene Wenger says lord of all men Alexis Sanchez is "in the red zone," though his indefatigable spirit is keeping him going through the start of a game-filled period of the calendar.

He is in the red zone, you can see that when he plays, but he can dig deep. I think he played his 27th game on Wednesday since the start of the season, if you consider the international games and the travelling on top of that.

Unfortunately you never know how far you can push [a player]. We are not scientific enough to predict that completely, but he has a great recovery potential. He recovers very quickly, is always sharp and wants to play.

Yeah, I'm not excited about the idea of an injured Alexis Sanchez. Not that it would doom us to relegation or anything, but I just don't want to live in that world. Hopefully we'll be able to manage things so that he can get a little rest here and there. It doesn't really matter where we'd be to this point without him (shameless plug, yeah) but I don't want to find out where we'd go from here without him, even for a reasonably short period.

It's no shock that people want the guy to play as much as possible, though. Arsene sounds like he's in love.

I can’t remember such a quick settlement. He has a huge desire, no complex, and has a fighting attitude that means even when he misses something it doesn’t affect him. He’s very mobile, very determined and he has the sense to be in the right place in the box.

The fans are on board too, voting Alexis as the player of the month for the third time running. Ironically it's an award sponsored by Vitality, who's Arsenal's "official wellness partner." Let's see if they can get him out of that red zone.