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Spendy Wednesday: Stop me if you think that you've heard these names before

With the January transfer window set to open on Saturday, there are some names being bandied about that you might already be familiar with.

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Is this the window in which Arsenal will finally land this man?
Is this the window in which Arsenal will finally land this man?
David Ramos/Getty Images

Saturday marks the beginning of the 31 days of rampant, speculative silliness otherwise known as the January transfer window. With Arsene Wenger saying that he's not afraid to spend money, and with media reporting such, including yesterday's Guardian article saying that Wenger will target central midfielders, the rumors about players moving to North London are beginning to fly. Here's the latest on names you might know.

Edinson Cavani, forward, PSG: The Uruguayan striker is rumored to be unhappy in the shadow of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, in pure speculation that dates back to the fall transfer window. But now that Cavani's been left out of PSG's warm-weather training trip to Morocco (in advance of the team's tour to Qatar during Ligue 1's winter break, because that's just the world we live in now), there's rampant speculation that Cavani will be moving on, and Arsenal is rumored to be in position to grab the striker -- which is also feeding the Lukas-Podolski-loan-to-Inter rumors which have been picking up traction over the past week.

William Carvalho, defensive midfielder, Sporting Lisbon: Here's another familiar name to Arsenal rumor traders. The Telegraph, quoting the Daily Star, is saying that Arsenal is now preparing a £25.5 million bid to land him.

Morgan Schneiderlin, defensive midfielder or box-to-box midfielder, Southampton: The Express, makers of loud highlight videos that play automatically when you go to their pages and so you've been warned, talked to Gary Neville, who believes that Schneidy will be courted by multiple teams in the January window -- naturally including Arsenal. Thanks to his double yellow in the Saints' previous match, he won't feature in tomorrow's tilt against the Gunners.

Mario Suarez, defensive midfielder, Atletico Madrid: A lesser-known name in transfer talks, but he ticks a number of boxes. According to Metro, a former editor for Marca went on Spanish TV to say the 27-year-old will move to London before the window closes.

In another Express article, there's talk of the Suarez deal developing, Newcastle readying themselves to reject a £9 million offer for midfielder Moussa Sissoko, and AC Milan putting a price tag of £11 million on forward/expressive hair wearer Stephan El Shaarawy.


SPENDY SEZ: I AM BEYOND WORDS WITH EXCITEMENT! Between Thomas Edison Car Vani, William Car Vello, and Steve El Car Away, there are so many cars to choose from! Ha ha! But seriously, I am looking forward to all the buying to come in 2015! I have my bags of pounds and euros ready, and I've exchanged all my rubles to boot. FORSOOTH! MAKETH WITH THE RAIN!