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Arsenal vs. Southampton team news: Same as it ever was

A fan of squad rotation? Sorry!

He looks like he's about to sneeze
He looks like he's about to sneeze
Steve Bardens/Getty Images

News today from the mothership that Arsenal's squad will basically be the same as it was against West Ham, which is annoying from a rest perspective. I have to think that Alexis Sanchez was going to get the day off, but Olivier Giroud surrendered that option (HE'S FRENCH GET IT THEY SURRENDER A LOT) so Sanchez gets the nod again, leaving the best hope for Alexis to get a rest the FA Cup match against Hull. Arsenal beat Hull without Sanchez in May, they can do it again in January.

Other highlights? Tomas Rosicky will probably get a start.  Danny Welbeck is "short" with what's listed as a "thigh problem" - as much as that makes it sound that his thighs were removed, making him four feet tall, it's probably just a strain or something. Theo Walcott is ready "on the fitness front" but short "on the competition front", so that means...things.  Aaron Ramsey is still not available, but should be soon.

So, Thursday should look a lot like Sunday; expect the FA Cup, as fun as it is to win, to be devalued a bit this year as Arsenal drive towards solidifying their league position and getting healthy for a Champions League run.