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Gedion Zelalem Is A US Citizen (We think)

We got it wrong before, but this time...

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Last time we checked in with Gedion Zelalem, we were fooled by the existence of a fake Twitter account that proclaimed...well, it proclaimed an American flag emoji. So, there was that.  But tonight comes news from an entirely more reliable source, Steven Goff at the Washington Post, who reports that young Gedion was in Washington yesterday "finalizing the immigration process".

Goff has been on top of the Zelalem story all along, so he's more credible than most, but we must stress that there's still nothing official about this announcement; obviously, though, this is what fans of the USMNT have been hoping for.  Having been through this once before, though, we're holding off on celebrating until either Klinsmann or the USMNT or Zelalem himself say something official; this is a promising development, though, and Goff has followed Zelalem's career and life closer than any other journalist, so we'd be inclined to believe him - and his non-fake news credibility - more than we believe an unsourced Twitter flag emoji.