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Window Shopper takes a look at: Morgan Schneiderlin

There are new rumors that the giant, CDM-sized hole in the Arsenal lineup will be filled by the French international.

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Behold one of the brawniest matchups in the Prem.
Behold one of the brawniest matchups in the Prem.
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Name: Morgan Schneiderlin

Current Club: Southampton (EPL)

International Career: For France, he's played in seven international matches (all in 2014), and due to Franck Ribery's untimely injury, was moved into the French World Cup squad and saw action there.

Position: Central defensive midfielder

FIFA video game rating:solid 80 rating, which is down from last year's 82, though his "Beast Rating" is at 81.

Transfermarkt value: A cool £20 million -- his value's more than doubled since the start of the year, coinciding with the general sense that he's arrived.

Why we're taking a look-see: According to the Telegraph, in one of the best transfer rumor sentences of the year, "Tottenham fear North London rivals Arsenal will gazump any new bid to sign Southampton midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin."

What WhoScored thinks of him: This year, he's averaged a 7.51 in 13 Premier League games, with 3.6 tackles and 1.8 interceptions a game, for a team that's currently in position for some big-time European football next year.

What he looks like in edited-for-maximum-oooooh-factor video:

Here's last year's highlight reel.

Spendy McWarchester Excitement Level (SMEL) Index: 7 of 10 Bags-o'-Euros, in large part because his transfer price has jumped so high in the past year, but also because Southampton is exceeding this year's post-fire sale expectations.

Our two pence: If Southampton keeps up its current run of form (and that's a good-sized if), Scheiderlin might not want the move that rumor-mongers feel that he wants, and certainly, Southampton wouldn't be so keen to offload a player of his caliber in the midst of a campaign which they started by selling three key starters.

Given that Mathieu Flamini is the current best healthy choice in front of the Arsenal back four (or, you know, the various makeshift back fours), Schneiderlin's definitely an upgrade. Perhaps he's not the answer long-term for fans dreaming of a Vidal, Pogba, or even a Carvalho to step up Arsenal's team-wide "beast rating," but he's got some intangibles that make him an attractive option. Plus, he's a refreshing change in the rumor department after recent days of unlikely attacking players (Pedro? Marek Hamsik?), and if his signing will gazump Tottenham, all the better.