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Mario Balotelli to miss Arsenal match

Everyone's favorite scamp is at it again.

This is what he'll be doing Sunday instead of playing
This is what he'll be doing Sunday instead of playing
Scott Heavey/Getty Images

A while back, Mario Balotelli, no stranger to controversy or strange behavior, posted a tweet, which I will not link to, that contained what he described as a joke, but which actually contained what a lot of people described as "racism".  I really don't care about what athletes tweet; they're usually idiots, and very rarely do they have anything useful to say. I only bring it up here because the FA have decided to give Mario the day off on Sunday so he can think about what he's done.

This story really isn't much - player known for doing stupid things does stupid thing, gets punished for it - except that Liverpool are of course Arsenal's next opponent, so file this under Team News. It really won't have much effect on the game, I don't think - Balotelli's not playing all that well for Liverpool this season, who are also not playing well overall, so it's not like his absence will make all the difference for a Liverpool side who are currently 11th in the table with a minus three goal difference. But, it's A Thing That Happened, so now it's A Thing We're Telling You About.