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Window Shopper takes a look at: Krystian Bielik

The 16-year-old is rumored to have already signed with Arsenal; while we wait for official word, here's a bit a of preview.

Some day, Bielek will be part of this squad.
Some day, Bielek will be part of this squad.
Adam Nurkiewicz/Getty Images

Name: Krystian Bielek

Age: 16

Current Club: Legia Warsaw (Ekstraklasa, Poland's top-flight league)

International Career: So far, three goals in five matches for the Poland U-17s.

Position: Defensive midfielder, also plays at central midfield

FIFA video game rating: Too new to show up, though if you'd like to view all of the Poland roster (Wojciech Szczesny rates a solid 81), you can do so here.

Transfermarkt value: The rumored transfer value for Bielik is £1.6 million, a considerable jump from the 12,000 Euros that got him to Legia Warsaw in the first place.

What the papers are saying: According to Metro, Bielik toured the facilities with his parents earlier this week, and the Daily Star went as far as to say that Arsenal is allegedly boosting his weekly salary from £125 to £2000. The Daily Star adds that they'll come to the Emirates for the Boxing Club clash with QPR.

What WhoScored thinks of him: He won a 6.01 rating playing three minutes of a Europa League match against Trabzonspor earlier this month, so if you have a spare Thursday for taking in the likes of Spurs, Young Boys, and various Transylvanian teams, you can possibly catch him in action. (Liega Warsaw made the Round of 32, and next faces Ajax in February.)

What he looks like in edited-for-maximum-oooooh-factor video:

Video does exist!

Spendy McWarchester Excitement Level (SMEL) Index: 2 of 10 Bags-o'-Euros.

Our two pence: Someone's dubbed him "the next Patrick Vieira," and that moniker is traveling among various websites, raising expectations. A 16-year-old obviously won't slot into the Arsenal Starting XI -- not even at D-mid, amirite? -- but this looks like a promising player to add to the squad and develop. He may not become the next Vieira, but in two to three years, he could be ready for his first run-outs with the first team.