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Gilberto Silva returning to Arsenal?

Note that "Coach" is not "Manager".

This picture is four years old
This picture is four years old
EuroFootball/Getty Images

When you run down the list of legendary Arsenal names, it's a well-known list; Bastin, George, Armstrong, Adams, Wright, Bergkamp, Henry to name a few. One name that doesn't always make that list, though, is Gilberto Silva. Silva was a member of several successful Arsenal teams in the 2000's, including the Invincibles of 2004, and while he never gets the credit he deserves, he was an integral part of the success of the teams he was on and it's hard to imagine Arsenal being as successful as they were without his assistance.

Well, that loyalty and service may be about to be rewarded, if Twitter is at all a thing to be believed:

Now, the usual Grains Of Salt apply here: we have no other corroboration for this, and there's nothing in the tweet that is conclusive (If any of our Brazilian readers can find anything in Globo that would back up this tweet, that would be awesome). But it's intriguing nonetheless - it's obviously unknown at what level or in what capacity he'd be a coach, but he was a hell of a player, and well liked and respected,so I like to think he'd have something good to contribute as a coach.