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Gervinho reveals Arsenal regrets in Gazzetta interview

The former Gunner revealed in an interview his thoughts on Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, and his new life at Roma

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Ivorian forehead Gervinho opened up a big 'ol can of worms today, claiming mistreatment at the hands of Arsene Wenger during his brief stay at Arsenal, among other sensational quotes in an interview published in Gazzetta dello Sport. A few samples include:

He [Wenger] never had confidence in me.

As a child I dreamed of playing for Arsenal, because I loved them. Now I hate them for the way Wenger treated me. (TSF ED. NOTE: see correction at end of story, this quote is not accurate)

However, I regretted leaving the club after such a short time without being able to show my worth, which I’m now doing at Roma instead.


Obviously Gervinho had a rough time adapting to Arsenal, for whatever reasons, but blaming Arsene Wenger - and then subsequently declaring a hatred for the club because of his failures - is rich.

There's always a real possibility he's been another victim of misquoting in the name of sensational journalism, but if these are in fact his actual words, there's no better place than here to remind him and others of, perhaps, why Wenger didn't have confidence in him:

Gervinho 1

Gervinho 2

Gervinho 3

ED. NOTE, 2.15 PM PT: It appears Gervinho never actually said he hated Arsenal. His actual quote was "I don't detest Arsenal because of the way (Wenger) treated me".  The "I hate Arsenal" misquote has been corrected by every source we've checked into, so it appears Travis' fears of "misquoting in the name of sensational journalism" came true this time. We edited our story's headline to reflect this updated information.