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Spurs' Parker: Henry back to Arsenal or television

Close friend Tony Parker has apparently narrowed down Thierry Henry's next move to two options

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Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Thierry Henry made it official earlier today that he kicked his final ball for New York Red Bulls over this past weekend. Much speculation has been made over the past few months as to where his next destination, and role, will be once he leaves NYRB. It appears we just got a pretty strong clue from San Antonio Spurs point guard, and close friend,Tony Parker on Henry's life after MLS:

There's a bit of vagueness regarding the "Arsenal" option being presented by Parker. Does he mean as a player, or as a coach? Perhaps a player-coach? That's up for interpretation without further context provided.

A little over a week ago, Arsene Wenger left open the possibility that Henry would be welcomed back at Arsenal as a coach, saying "he has all the qualities" to eventually become a manager, and cited Zinedine Zidane's current coaching role at Real Madrid as an example of the path Henry could emulate if he were to return in that manner.

The TV analysis role could also fit Henry. He's done prior work in front of the cameras, and being fluent in French, English, and Spanish makes him an attractive for numerous competitions and leagues - let alone being Thierry Henry.

Ultimately, as predicted, he's not short of options and suitors. If he's truly wanting to stay in the sport, the most rewarding (but difficult) path is through coaching. But if Henry's looking to stay on the periphery and have a bit more freedom in his life, becoming the next Gary Neville won't be too difficult a task for him.