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So what would you do?

Let's assume you have the keys. Where do you drive the bus?

Yeah, we're frustrated too
Yeah, we're frustrated too
Michael Steele

Arsenal lost again today, in a frustrating, dispiriting way.  They've dropped a lot of points in that particular way this season, and the anger towards the club is louder than it has been in some time.

I don't like empty anger, so here's a challenge to you. If you were made sole executive power at Arsenal right now, with complete power to do whatever you want to do, what would you do?  This is a serious question, not a snarky attack, so here's some ground rules before you answer:

1. Assume you are constrained by actual current Premier League and UEFA/FIFA rules regarding transfers and squad size/composition.
2. Assume you are constrained by Arsenal's actual finances (no "BUY EVERYONE I CAN BECAUSE I WANT THEM" sort of fantasy buying spree).
3. If you want to relieve Wenger of his duties immediately, assume reality - that all other currently employed managers of the stature Arsenal will seek will not jump ship on their clubs in November.
4. If you want to relieve Wenger of his duties in May, of course, assume pretty much any manager is available.

In other words, treat the answer to the "what would you do" question as a serious exercise, and give thoughtful, serious answers. And one last rule: be cool to each other in this discussion. We're all frustrated, but we're all fans and we all want to see things get better.