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Saturday soccer open thread

Arsenal don't play until tomorrow, so let's chat about everyone else.

He looks like he has a question
He looks like he has a question
Jamie McDonald

It's a somewhat rare Sunday kickoff for Arsenal this weekend, which leaves a gaping hole of an entire day of a weekend without Arsenal to talk about. Fortunately, the various leagues have realized this and scheduled an entire program of - brace yourself - other games!

The biggest one on the Premiership menu this morning is of course Burnley vs. Hull, as Burnley try to rebound from oh wait sorry wrong notes. Liverpool v. Chelsea kicks off at...checks time zones.....4.45 AM on the west coast, 7.45 on the east. So, that's another game I'll sleep through, then.  In the later round of games, all of which kick off at 3PM London time, the way all matches always should, Manchester United welcome Crystal Palace to Manchester, and let's face it the rest of the Saturday Premiership slate isn't all that interesting.

There's too many other matches around Europe to list, but in addition to a full slate of Championship games and your regular pile of other European league games, this is also the weekend of the first round of the FA Cup. This is the round where Football League One and League Two teams join the non-league sides, who have already gone through four qualifying rounds to get to this point. This year's edition kicked off Friday evening with a huge upset, seeing Warrington Town, of the Northern Premier League's Division One North (otherwise known as "eight rungs down the ladder from the Premier League"), beating League Two's Exeter City (who are currently 100 places above Warrington Town in the league pyramid) 1-0, and continues today with 27 matches throughout those two leagues.

Go forth and discuss.