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WATCH: Alexis Sanchez scores ridiculous goal off free kick

I honestly haven't seen this happen before.

You know who's really quite good at soccer? Alexis Sanchez.

Alexis himself actually drew the free kick, after running about half the length of the pitch on the ball, making a quick turn, and being tripped as he tried to initiate yet another assault on the Anderlecht box. I'm being serious, though -- I honestly don't know that I've ever seen a goal scored quite like this, with one player putting a free kick directly into the wall then getting his own rebound and scoring immediately.

Frankly it's what we're coming to expect from Alexis, though. He's been the best player in the team for a bit now, and has basically singlehandedly carried the team for a few weeks. Thankfully it looks like he might not have to do it anymore, as Arsenal's first goal was a lot more due to Danny Welbeck and Mikel Arteta's work.

But it's nice to know he's there.