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Puma celebrates new Arsenal zipper, made Wenger-tough

The kit sponsors have an amusing take on manager vs. zipper.

Just look at the size of those pull ties!
Just look at the size of those pull ties!
Michael Regan

The onset of winter means several things for Arsenal fans: Long sleeves (despite the protestations of Mathieu Flamini), yellow balls, and, of course, the requisite puffy parka of one Arsene Wenger. The parka has brought about multiple zipper issues over the years that have not escaped the notice of Premier League fans.

Puma had some fun touting the new Arsenal zipper in a promotional video today, and Wenger was quite the good sport about it, featuring in the video:

The minute-long video includes text along these lines: "PUMA’s design challenge was to create a flawless zipper for AFC Boss, Arsène Wenger. In football, you have to be ready for anything. If you’re the boss, you need to focus. You can’t let anything break your concentration. Not even a zipper. This was PUMA’s design challenge when designing for Arsène Wenger, and we think we came up with a solid solution." As you'll see, The Professor agrees. It's working out much better than this classic moment of Zipper 1-Wenger 0: