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Arsenal Champions League team news: Wilshere out (again) vs. Anderlecht

The midfielder is not hurt, but he's not well.

"u wot m8"
"u wot m8"
Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Do you have "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger stuck in your head now? Good, now you know how I feel.

Arsenal go back to Europe tomorrow -- well, the game's in London, but it's a Champions League game against Anderlecht, so EUROPE -- and the roster of health actually looks relatively decent, all things considered. Theo Walcott, who had a relatively exciting cameo appearance against Burnley over the weekend, seems to have shown no ill effects of actually playing Premier League soccer, so he'll be available again as he returns from that nasty knee injury. Kieran Gibbs also managed to avoid injury, which is uncommon and welcome news.

Unfortunately, there is one snag -- Jack Wilshere. He's missed the past couple of games with a knee problem, which is all better now. But Aaron Ramsey was sick last week (that's at least part of the reason he didn't start on Saturday), and it appears that he has passed the illness on to Wilshere.

Not-very-long story short, the team available against Anderlecht remains basically unchanged from the team available against Burnley. Good news, I suppose. At the very least it's not bad news, and I'll take that where I can get it.