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West Brom 0-1 Arsenal: Can't Complain

The scoreline flattered the Midlands club, who were thoroughly beaten.

winning is fun
winning is fun
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

0-1 Danny Welbeck 60'

It's kind of been a rough few weeks for Arsenal and the fans; after beating Burnley safely a 3-0 lead against Anderlecht evaporated into a draw, then an international break was bookended by losses to Swansea and Manchester United, none of which really should have happened. Throw in a few injuries, and life has not been super fun.

Winning solves everything, for a little while at least. And in the past four days, Arsenal have played twice, played well, and won both games without allowing a goal. So the rest of this holiday weekend can be devoted to Not Being So Damn Annoyed, which is nice.

As I mentioned, Arsenal were pretty comprehensively good today, and honestly the 1-0 scoreline isn't indicative of what the game really looked like. Defensively there were few problems -- I'm pretty sure backup goalkeeper Emi Martinez didn't have a save in the first 80 minutes of the game, because West Brom couldn't get a shot off. Going forward we created well, though the chances weren't amazing they were there, and on another day this could have been 3-0 or 4-0.

The one goal we did score was a good one. Santi Cazorla (who's rounding into a nice run of form at the moment, right when we could really use it) did well to cut through the defense and get to the endline, and chipped a cross beautifully right in front of goal. Danny Welbeck was there, and his powered header went through Ben Foster's attempted save and in.

Overall, the only complaint I think anyone could have is that Nacho Monreal had to leave with an injury; hopefully it won't be anything too bad and we can get on to the next game with a little better feeling in the team and the stands. It'd be a nice change.

Here's today's song.