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Arsenal 2-0 Borussia Dortmund Instant Reaction: Sanoganchez!

Goals from Yaya Sanogo and Alexis Sanchez saw Arsenal take all three points.

Who else?
Who else?
Clive Rose/Getty Images

This is exactly what Arsenal needed.  A first goal from Yaya Sanogo - who sadly had to exit in the 78th minute with what appears to be a hamstring issue - and a stunner from Alexis Sanchez saw Arsenal comfortably take three points off a previously undefeated-in-group-play Dortmund.  This result makes things tastier in the group than they were a week ago - a win over Gala combined with a Dortmund defeat to Anderlecht wins Arsenal the group.

But enough about that. YAYA SANOGO.  Kid scored his first goal and did good work to get there.  I wanted him to get a hat trick; instead, he played well until he got hurt.  Hopefully it's not too serious, but for now, YAYA SANOGO!!!! I'm so happy for the dude, and hopefully this is the first of many.

Arsenal played well, and Arsenal won. I don't give a damn what should have happened against Anderlecht; Arsenal are through to the group stages for the 15th consecutive year, and honestly, that's the point.  Advancement is secured, Arsenal played well, and first place in the group is still to play for. Things are looking up.