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Arsenal vs. Manchester United: Match thread (plus bonus 10 am ET thread!)

The EPL is back, and it's Arsenal (on 17 points) vs. United (on 16 points), for a battle of the currently-not-quite Top Four.

How Ox spent his Interlull: Making England look good.
How Ox spent his Interlull: Making England look good.
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Oh, how I've missed you, Rebecca Lowe! Oh, Robbie Earle, how nicely your Movember mustache has grown! Sorry, Big and Rich, as much as I've enjoyed "Comin' to Your Cit-AYYY" during Saturday mornings while soccer's been away and I've turned to College Game Day for some early-weekend sports (shudder), it's English Premier League time again.

And not a moment too soon for Arsenal. When last we left them, they were blowing a late game lead in a Welsh monsoon and dipping to sixth place in the table. Their mission today: Hosting seventh-place United, who have injury woes and general woes to rival Arsenal's, but because it's happening to them, it's hilarious. The indulgence that is Radmael Falcao will be sidelined again today, meaning that a certain turncoat from the Netherlands will be likely to lead the line against Arsenal. As both back fours are makeshift, and as Alexis Sanchez is awesome, this could be a high-scoring affair.

We're getting this thread up now so you can have at the 10 am ET games as well, which includes Chelsea likely to beat up on West Brom at Stamford Bridge and increase their lead in the Premier League, though Robbie Musto's on my TV right now telling me West Brom can do okay in London, so even though he's not sporting a Movember mustache, I'm going to go all in on the Cute Singing Birdies. (Update at 10:25 ET: West Brom is terrible.) Also of note with regards to the table, City hosts Swansea, and the how-are-they-in-fourth Hammers travel to Blue Merseyside to face Everton.