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Arsenal team health update

Good news, everybody!

More of this please
More of this please
Michael Steele/Getty Images

Thomas has already told you the best news, that of the availability of Olivier Giroud a month ahead of schedule. But, did you know there were other Arsenal players? And that some of those other players were also injured?  I bet you didn't!

Okay, you almost certainly did. But still. Along with the Giroud news, there's other news as well, most of it (for once) good, not all of it immediate. In the "immediate" category is news that Mikel Arteta should also be available for Saturday's match against Manchester United. It should be noted that "available" doesn't guarantee that they will play - according to Wenger, they're fit, it's mostly "a question of how ready they are", but they are both going to be penciled into the team sheet.

In the "not so immediate" category, we have Kos and Debuchy. They're back in training, which is good, but by Wenger's estimate, "back in training" means two to three weeks away, as they get back match fitness and little bit sharpness. That timing, though, means Arsenal, barring any other problems, should have a relatively full complement of players to choose from during the stupidity that is the Christmas fixture list (Four games between 26 December and 3 January - what the shit).

It's really fun to report injury news that is actually good for a change.