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Olivier Giroud available against Manchester United

Evidently the guy is some kind of mutant.

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the utter goddamn boredom of injury
the utter goddamn boredom of injury
Julian Finney/Getty Images

When Olivier Giroud was first injured and had his ankle surgery after a freak accident at Everton in August, he was expected to be unavailable until around January. This being Arsenal, pretty much nobody expected anything better than that (and honestly, I maintain that we were right to do that). But evidently in addition to being freakishly handsome, the French striker also heals like Wolverine from X-Men.

Giroud has been in training for a little while, and evidently he's basically good to go, either this weekend against Manchester United or, if Arsene Wenger chooses caution, soon after that. Here's Arsene:

Giroud is three or four weeks ahead of schedule. Originally, we planned to have him back for competition at the beginning of next year. So he's one month ahead.

I know, I'm not used to Arsenal injuries taking less time than usual to heal either. I'd like to attribute this to Shad Forsythe, but I don't have any evidence beyond coincidence so I probably shouldn't. It's not like Giroud has a long Arsenal injury history; since coming to the club, he's actually been remarkably durable. So maybe the guy is just a superhero or something.