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Danny Welbeck injury scare averted?

Because all we need is another player unavailable.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Danny Welbeck played for England yesterday against Scotland, and it went pretty well all told. He had the pre-assist on this bonkers goal that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jack Wilshere put together, and the team won. Good enough, right? Well, close -- he had to leave the game with an apparent hamstring issue in the 66th minute. Not only was that probably pretty annoying for him, but it also led to an afternoon of Arsenal fans absolutely losing their shit, because evidently any time the wind blows the wrong way we assume everyone on the team is out for three months.

Well, good news.

This is why it's a lot more fun to reserve the freakout until you actually know something, but I digress. It's good news because it means Arsenal won't have to resort to third- or fourth-choice options up front against Manchester United this weekend, and it also means Welbeck has the chance to face off against his boyhood team who decided he wasn't good enough for them (for reasons that are yet to be determined).

All around, thank goodness he's okay.