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Euro 2016 Qualifier/International Friendly Open Thread

The only thing that matters in these matches, really, is the safe return of Arsenal players next week

This is your FIFA, people
This is your FIFA, people

Internationals aren't my thing, but it's very much a thing for a fair amount of our readers and commenters. Regardless of my personal beliefs, here's your place to discuss the weekend matches and all their goals, bookings and private drone invasions that start up later today and run through Sunday.

Below's the schedule for the matches; feel free to swear in my direction if I left out your favorite country's match:

Friday, November 14 (all times EST)

Euro 2016 Qualifiers:
Georgia vs. Poland, 12 pm
Scotland vs. Republic of Ireland, 2:45 pm
Hungary vs. Finland, 2:45 pm
Portugal vs. Armenia, 2:45 pm
Germany vs. Gibraltar, 2:45 pm
Greece vs. Faroe Islands, 2:45 pm
Romania vs. Northern Ireland, 2:45 pm
Serbia vs. Denmark, 2:45 pm

International Friendlies:
France vs. Albania, 2:45 pm
United States vs. Colombia, 2:45 pm
Chile vs. Venezuela, 2:45 pm
Paraguay vs. Peru, 2:45 pm

Saturday, November 15

Euro 2016 Qualifiers:
Luxembourg vs. Ukraine, 12 pm
Austria vs. Russia, 12 pm
England vs. Slovenia, 12 pm
San Marino vs. Estonia, 12 pm
Moldova vs. Liechtenstein, 12 pm
Spain vs. Belarus, 2:45 pm
Montenegro vs. Sweden, 2:45 pm
Macedonia vs. Slovakia, 2:45 pm
Switzerland vs. Lithuania, 2:45 pm

Sunday, November 16

Euro 2016 Qualifiers:
Netherlands vs. Latvia, 12 pm
Belgium vs. Wales, 12 pm
Cyprus vs. Andorra, 12 pm
Azerbaijan vs. Norway, 12 pm
Czech Republic vs. Iceland, 2:45 pm
Turkey vs. Kazakhstan, 2:45 pm
Israel vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2:45 pm
Bulgaria vs. Malta, 2:45 pm
Italy vs. Croatia, 2:45 pm