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Poll: How many defenders should Arsenal have?

Your chance to have your voice heard on a very controversial topic of late

Shaun Botterill

It's the topic that won't go away if you're an Arsenal supporter, and that's injuries. If one were to spend, say, ninety seconds to do a little research on the topic, they'd quickly surmise that one area of the squad has suffered from ill-health far more than the rest, and that's the defenders.

Ever since the summer transfer window closed in September and Arsene Wenger failed to bring in another center back, along with the subsequent injuries that followed, it seems like everyone with a keyboard and an outlet has opined on what the boss should have done to prevent this current available defender crisis.

Much like pdb's post, we're giving you the chance to voice your thoughts on how the squad should have been assembled prior to the first half of the season. Currently the club has seven true first-team defenders (Mathieu Debuchy, Hector Bellerin, Per Mertesacker, Laurent Koscielny, Calum Chambers, Kieran Gibbs, and Nacho Monreal).

This is The Short Fuse's final decision - once we vote, it's locked in and all future discussions about the number of defenders Arsenal should have will come down to this number. Without further ado, our question to you, in the name of democracy, is: