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REPORT: Mesut Ozil has torn knee ligament, out 10-12 weeks

Well, this isn't good.

Laurence Griffiths

Mesut Ozil's had a rough year or so, since coming to Arsenal. Despite the fact that he hasn't really deserved any of it, he's taken heat from fans and media, he's been pushed out of position for club and country, and he's gone through a couple of injuries and injury scares.

It didn't get any better today. This morning there were several reports that the German national team had sent him in for an MRI on his knee, which they believed to be injured. Guess what? It was. According to the team's spokesman:

In English?

In other words, we're probably not going to see Mesut Ozil on the field again until January. This is not ideal, certainly. We'll have to wait and see what Arsenal have to say about all this, but I don't see any reason not to believe the Germans' diagnosis.

I'm just going to go light myself on fire, I'll see you guys later.