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FA will not punish Arsene Wenger over Mourinho confrontation

But the ruling body will still question both clubs over the pre-match incident involving flares outside Stamford Bridge

Paul Gilham

The warning from match official Martin Atkinson -truly the only thing he got right yesterday - to Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho following a brief scrum between the two managers was sufficient enough in the FA's eyes, as they will not seek to further punish the Arsenal boss.

Both managers have admitted, in their own words, that it was a heated match.  Mourinho stated, accurately, that he's been guilty of doing "many wrong things in football", with Wenger confirming in his post-match press conference that Mourinho was guilty yet again in the sport by preventing him from attending to his fallen player, in this case Alexis Sanchez, after being viciously assaulted by Gary Cahill:

I wanted to go from A to B and somebody confronted me before B without any sign of welcome. B was Sanchez, to see how badly he was injured.

After agreeing with Mourinho that he was wrong, while concluding that Wenger - who's only got the best interests and concern for his player - was acting in good faith and acted only after being unjustly provoked, the FA made the correct and honest decision today.