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Arsenal vs. Burnley: Match Preview

The last-placed team in the top flight comes to the Emirates.

Want a few of these Saturday
Want a few of these Saturday
Michael Regan

Arsenal vs. Burnley
English Premier League
Saturday, November 1 8AM PT/11AM ET/3PM BT
Emirates Stadium, London
League Form: ARS slightly better but unconvincing | BUR I just feel bad mocking them
US TV: NBC Extra Time | Worldwide TV:

NOTE: British Summer Time ended last weekend, so in the US this game kicks off an hour later than you'd probably expect it to. US readers, don't forget to turn your clocks back Saturday night.

The "honor" of turning in the worst season in the history of the Premier League belongs to the Derby County side of 2007-08, who managed just the 11 points from their final last season in the League.  The worst season of all time in English top flight football?  Well, that'd be that same Derby season - in 1899-1900, Glossop North End recorded the worst First Division season of all time, with four wins, 10 draws, and 20 losses for 18 points (wins were worth two points in those days), but Derby's 2007-08 saw them record eight draws, 29 losses, and a single win. All season. Up the Rams!

That's the company Burnley are desperately trying not to keep these days - after nine games, they are shoring up the table down there with four points, a -11 goal difference, and a whole lot of "holy shit this is bad I hope it gets better". They have yet to win a game this season, the utterance of which automatically launches the "But they're playing Arsenal" narrative that says they'll win at the Emirates, because narrative is easier than actual thought.

But Burnley are whatever the English equivalent of a "hot mess" is - they've given up 12 goals in their last four games, they have only scored five all season, and it's hard to see even the most laboring of Arsenal sides, and yes, they've been laboring, losing to this Burnley team.

To that end, Pravda reports that Wilshere is out because of got-kicked-in-the-knee syndrome, which isn't serious, but it's enough to earn him a day off.  Giroud's ahead of schedule by about three weeks, which doesn't help Saturday but is good news, and in other good news, we may see Theo back in action this weekend.

As fixtures go, this one elicits about as much excitement as the prospect of raking leaves for an hour - granted, it's an Arsenal game, so that's good, but this one doesn't set the blood a-racin' as a lot of others do. But, Arsenal can hopefully use this game as an excuse to put a beating on somebody for once this season; I'd like four goals please.