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A Spendy Wednesday update! (Because January's just around the corner)

There are rumors out there complete with big numbers and £s in front of them. Shall we?

"Wait, Suarez's ban is over?"
"Wait, Suarez's ban is over?"
Alex Caparros

Two months ago, the transfer window squeaked shut with one Danny Welbeck being pulled in at the last minute. (Or, as you might remember it, a little bit beyond the official closing time.) It's a transfer window that also brought Arsenal Alexis Sanchez (that's working out), Calum Chambers (that's also working out), Mathieu Debuchy (who is sidelined until January with a nasty leg injury that marred a testy home draw vs. City), and David Ospina (who is nursing an injury and has been deployed less than many expected).

The January transfer window is only a few months away, and there are a significant number of rumors about many moves. We know how typical Januarys work -- last year, a month of Julian Draxler speculation resulted in Kim Källström (and his surprise injury) -- and the reasonable course of action would be maybe a single pickup to shore up an area of injury-induced need.

But that wouldn't make clicks happen, would it? Here are some of our favorite rumors of the past few weeks.

Julian Draxler! He's back! (And apparently can come to Arsenal for £37 million, but according to Give Me Sport, Manchester United has not yet stopped spending like drunken sailors on shore leave, and it makes perfect sense for a team that's already spent £kajillion on left wingers and forwards to go after Draxler, especially when there are also hilarious Gareth Bale to United rumors floating about.)

Sami Khedira! MVP of the summer transfer window! Now that he's reportedly dropped his weekly wage demands to £80,000, Arsenal might bring him in -- if Metro is to be believed. (Also, Chelsea might snatch him up, because Chelsea.)

Pedro! Like Alexis Sanchez before him, he's seen as an "odd man out" at Camp Nou with the arrival of serial biter Luis Suarez, and according to Express, he's handed in a transfer request, meaning he's on his way to the Emirates.

Mats Hummels! (Or Aymeric Laporte!) Because Arsenal's looking a little thin in defense, there are naturally rumors of defensive players coming in, and The Daily Star has one of two expensive prospects on the way.

Goncalo Guedes! Who is that? French. Starlet. Benfica first-teamer. Apparently, Arsenal's after him, but according to TalkSport, Bayern Munich's looking for him to replace Franck Ribery, and are willing to pay his £23.5 million (!) release clause.


SPENDY SEZ: I am looking to dip into the warchest to celebrate the New Year! But I am told that I cannot look at Cex Faberge Egg or Robin Van Purse-y, even though they sound expensive and good. I like the sound of this Petrol from Barcelona! You can't be a mega-rich oil club without Petrol. Ha ha! I say FORSOOTH! MAKETH WITH THE RAIN!