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Lukas Podolski tries his hand at new career

Hey, if you're not getting playing time, you might as well look at your options.

see? he's funny!
see? he's funny!
Clive Rose

Apart from his pivotal cameo appearance in Belgium, Lukas Podolski hasn't seen the field much this season. There are a lot of reasons for that which I won't get into here (because frankly, I don't feel like it), but the fact remains that he wants to be doing more than he is. It could end in him leaving Arsenal, which would cause a wide range of emotional responses for our fans.

Either way, though, idle hands are the devil's playground, so Poldi is looking for stuff to do. Among the diverse pursuits he's decided to try his hand at, evidently, is acting. Sort of. He will be appearing as himself in a German comedy film (these exist) called "Macho Man," and will be playing soccer in the scene, so is that really acting? I guess it'll depend on whether he does anything other than shoot. His take:

The film will be shot in my hometown Cologne, where I grew up and where my career started. My scene takes place in the stadium and it’s really funny, I think. I am curious to see the result when I go to the premiere and see myself on the screen.

I'd bet up to $25 that he says "a-ha" at least once, and does a thumbs-up. To do otherwise would be awful branding.