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Sunderland vs. Arsenal: match discussion, TV, lineups

Let's get back on track, eh?

Michael Regan


Sunderland vs. Arsenal


The Stadium of Light, Sunderland, England


NBC Sports Live Extra

10:00am Eastern | 7:00am Pacific | 3:00pm London



Okay, hello there, and a good morning to everyone. Here is your match discussion thread. Someone (probably me) will be along in a bit to fill in the lineups section, if that hasn't been done already. If it has, well then there you are.

As always in these threads, please follow the relatively loose rules that we have set. Try to restrain any negative emotions that you might feel to the point that you're able to talk to others without being a raging asshole. Refrain from any form of bigotry directed toward any person, whether implied or explicit. Don't post illegal streams, because that can get us in trouble and will get you banned.

Let's go win a damn game, shall we?