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Mirror: Theo Walcott in team to face Sunderland

He's unlikely to start, but we'll take good news where we can get it.

Clive Rose


Ahem. Sorry, I was overcome. But according to John "Adrian Durham sucks" Cross in the Mirror, Theo Walcott will make the trip to Sunderland this weekend, and will start on the bench for Arsenal's Saturday match. Arsene Wenger originally feared he wouldn't be ready yet, since he's not had a lot of full-contact playing time since his January knee injury, but it seems that Theo has been persuasive on the training ground and deemed ready to play actual soccer.

He is not, though, ready to be in the starting lineup still, it seems. He's played only 45 minutes (in a U21 match, no less) so it makes sense, though I'm really anxious to see Walcott back on the field in a significant way. Still, though, if we're tied 1-1 with fifteen minutes left, I can't think of a lot of guys on our team I'd rather bring on as an attacking substitute.

And considering how things have been going lately, that's not a situation that's out of the question!