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Arsenal vs. Anderlecht: Reaction

That sure was a thing.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

First, a caveat: I did not watch the moving picture version of this game.  I watched Twitter and the Guardian minute-by-minute version while I was in meetings all afternoon. So from where I sat, it seemed like Arsenal were the worst thing since last night's Timbers CCL meltdown until the last 10 minutes, in which they rescued both three points and their reputation. It's almost like the Internet specializes in over-reacting to everything!

But, after all the hubbub, three road points are in the bag, which is never really a straightforward thing for Arsenal in the Champions League, so I'm not inclined to be too annoyed right now. There will be plenty of time for that later; for now, I'm happy that Arsenal are in second place in the group and look to be good bets to advance to the group stages yet again.  Happy birthday, Arsene. Now go have some cake.