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Arsenal vs. Anderlecht: Match thread and TV info

Put those waffles down and get to work, boys.

Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Arsenal v Anderlecht
UEFA Champions League
Constant Vanden Stock Stadium, Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium
Wednesday, October 21 11.45AM PT/2.45PM ET/7.45PM BT/ 8.45PM CET
US TV: Fox Sports 2 | Worldwide TV info:

The good news is that between last night's preview and this match thread, Arsenal haven't had anyone else get hurt. The bad news is that nobody discovered a miracle cure for every injury ever suffered last night when they were at home watching TV, so Arsenal are still as crocked as they were yesterday.

Hopefully that won't matter - Anderlecht are the "minnows" of the group, and while (OVERUSED SPORTS CLICHE ALERT) no games are easy at this level, overall you'd have to admit this is a good opponent against which to field one's third choice keeper.

Today's Arsene Wenger's 65th birthday (Arsene Wenger MBE, OAP), so in addition to his discounted Oyster card and movie pass, and his new membership in whatever the English equivalent of AARP is, let's see if we can't get him three Champions League points for his birthday, shall we?