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Arsenal vs. Anderlecht: Champions League match preview


Arsenal's new goalkeeper already swapped shirts with his Anderlechtian counterpart
Arsenal's new goalkeeper already swapped shirts with his Anderlechtian counterpart
Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Arsenal v Anderlecht
UEFA Champions League
Constant Vanden Stock Stadium, Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium
Wednesday, October 21 11.45AM PT/2.45PM ET/7.45PM BT/ 8.45PM CET
US TV: Fox Sports 2 | Worldwide TV info:

Arsenal continue their Champions League adventures today against a relatively unfamiliar foe, the Belgian side Anderlecht.  A win for Arsenal would see the Gunners remain second in the group - an absolute hammering of the Belgians would see Arsenal go top if Dortmund lose, but there is the small matter of a four goal difference to make up to send Arsenal top.

I won't bore you with the London phone book-sized list of Arsenal injuries; I'll just say that Arsenal are so banged up right now, even Golden Corral reported an injury today. So things are not, shall we say, all sunshine and lollipops in Arsenal-land at the moment. But, I choose to suspend my depression for a while, because you know what? It's game day, and I like it when it's game day.

Arsenal will be starting the winner of the "Play Goal For A Premier League Team!" contest that their local Tesco held last week, but Calum Chambers will be available, so hurray for small victories I guess? Anyway, Bellerin will probably start, as will Arteta, as Arsenal look to take that next big step towards qualification.

Anderlecht feature the Belgian league's high scorer in Aleksandar Mitrović, which will no doubt make the tackling dummy in the Arsenal goal a bit nervous, but let's be honest, being the best scorer in the Belgian league is like being the best surfer in Nebraska, so I'm not sure Arsenal have too much to worry about as long as the defense does their oh no what dammit crap

Anyway, here's hoping for three points.