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David Ospina out for up to three months

(insert tired joke about being tired of injuries here)

Clive Mason

Yesterday came news that Arsenal backup keeper David Ospina would miss tomorrow's Champions League match away at Anderlecht, with third-choice option Emiliano Martinez to start.

Now comes the news that the injury is far more long-term than initially thought:


I'm out of things to say at this point.  I'm lost, confused, hurt, angry, desperate, and completely, unequivocally, of the belief that there's got to be an end in sight to all these long-term injuries that keep coming up on a near-weekly basis.

Listing all the infirm out now would just be ripping the scab open again, so I'll just continue to hope in times when it seems like it's a futile thing to do that this is the last injury we have to suffer through.  This hasn't been a fun season, in any aspect, whatsoever, and I'm seriously hoping shit starts to change for the better sooner than later.

UpdateOspina arrived at Arsenal this summer with a thigh injury, which is the same injury that's sidelined him now:

Ospina arrived at The Emirates in the summer with a thigh problem and it has flared up again as he has joined Arsenal's long list of casualties. Wenger said:

"It is exactly the same (injury) . He had his first injury in Nice, it was a knee problem and I think he was a bit rushed back.

"He didn't use his legs so his muscle became weaker, then he got injured during the World Cup. And after that he came to us injured, from the World Cup. It took him two months to play a game.

"I had to bring him on against Galatasaray without warm-up, without being prepared and he had a recurrence of that injury. That means he is out for two to three months.

"Now we have to be really careful because he has a recurrence of a thigh injury that's very difficult. It's a long-term injury."