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UEFA: Arsenal are sufficiently organized

The sport's governing body smartens up (temporarily).

Paul Gilham

Remember when Galatasaray came to London a few weeks ago?  That sure was fun! Especially the part where this happened.  After the incidents, UEFA cited both teams - Gala with failure to control their fans, and Arsenal with something called "failure to organize".  Basically, that seemed to mean "failure to search every single person on the way in", apparently.  Well, this afternoon, UEFA have changed their minds a bit.  They have dropped the charges against Arsenal, upheld the charges against Gala, and ordered the Turkish club to pay for the damages done to the Emirates, to the tune of €50,000.

Most of us couldn't believe at the time that Arsenal were seriously going to be charged/fined for the visiting fans' behavior, and I'm happy to see that in this case at least, UEFA have had a think and have come up with the right answer. It doesn't happen often, but it's nice when it does.