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Ospina hurt for Champions League; Martinez to start

Another day, another Arsenal injury to report

Paul Gilham

During Arsenal's victory over Galatasaray in the Champions League a few weeks ago, Wojciech Szczesny got himself a red card - his second dismissal from a Champions League match in as many seasons. His sending off meant that he'd miss the away encounter to Anderlecht this coming Wednesday, which would pave the way for David Ospina to make his first-ever start for the Gunners.

But, you see, Ospina's an Arsenal player, and thus it was in his destiny to find a way to hurt himself at the most critical of times. Which is now, since our Pole between the poles is unavailable. And as fate would most definitely have it, Opsina is hurt and will miss the mid-week match leaving third-choice keeper Emiliano Martinez to suit up.

Martinez has made two appearances total for Arsenal, including the tasty goal-fest, heart attack-enducing 7-5 win versus Reading in the League Cup a couple years back. He spent last season away on loan at Sheffield Wednesday, making 15 appearances. And now he's starting in a Champions League away match when points are at their most crucial.

Someone please pass me whatever it is you're drinking.