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Mesut Ozil trolls Bayern Munich, Daily Mail, haters with thank-you tweet

The injured playmaker's foray into #banter is on point.

back when he could stand up
back when he could stand up
Michael Regan

As we discussed earlier, some rumors have sprung up around our man Mesut Ozil. Supposedly he's unhappy and wants out, and Bayern Munich would be more than happy to take him off our hands as soon as this January. For many of us (read: the ones who aren't insane or dumb), this would be considered a major disaster.

Luckily, Mesut appears to be having none of it.

As Esteemed Community Member JA Marsano explained in another thread, the hashtag "#MiaSanArsenal" is an appropriation of Bayern Munich's spectacularly self-important* motto "Mia san mia." He is, at the same time, taking a little bit of a shot at Bayern Munich and at the Daily Mail reports on his alleged want-outiness. Oh, and he's thanking his fans for being nice to him. It's all there.

* Before any Bayern fans get pissy, remember that our motto is Latin for "Victory Through Harmony," which is just as gloriously pretentious. Though I will say neither club has anything on "Mas que un club," so whatever.

Ozil's Twitter is one of the few players I follow because it's consistently adorable in its earnestness and his team spirit is incredibly contagious. Now he's adding #banter to his repertoire, so I'm all in here. Ozil today, Ozil tomorrow, Ozil forever.