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Giroud Ahead Of Schedule, But Not Specifically

An update on one of Arsenal's injured.

Sooner than we thought.
Sooner than we thought.
Laurence Griffiths

Olivier Giroud had surgery on his broken tibia in August, and at the time was expected to be out for about four months. Today, though, Arsene Wenger made us all feel just that little bit optimistic when he said Giroud's recovery was progressing quickly:

"Olivier Giroud is recovering very well. I believe he is ahead of schedule in terms of rehabilitation. The operation went perfectly," Wenger told French television channel beIN Sports.

While Wenger didn't give an exact timeline, with seemingly every other Arsenal player dealing with some injury or other, the news that Giroud may be back before January is welcome news indeed; obviously, news like this should be taken with a few grains of salt, being that Arsene's not a doctor and that every body responds differently to being injured and to rehabilitation.  But still, after so much bad injury news, isn't it nice to hear some good news?

Wenger also says he sees Giroud and Welbeck as complementary pieces, and not exclusively as interchangeable forwards:

"Welbeck and him can play together in the centre or separately. Welbeck also played on one side to Manchester United. Welbeck played in the same team with Rooney and Van Persie. He can play down the sides."

Which is great, because options. Get well soon, Olivier.