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Weekend Games Open Thread


Such a happy Poldi
Such a happy Poldi
Alexander Hassenstein

Because everyone loves a pointless friendly, and because an expanded Euro 2016 field means that even the qualifies for that tournament are more or less pointless friendlies (seriously, look at the qualification criteria and tell me why an expanded Euros was a good idea, or why they even bother qualifying teams - almost everyone gets in).

But still, there are games being played, and I'm sure many of you will watch some of them, so here's a conversation bucket for you to drip your collective wisdom into.  It's also kind of a catch-all open thread, so feel free to talk about whatever, within the rules of course.

Broadcast info for all these games is on


Belgium v. Andorra
Bulgaria v. Croatia
Cyprus v. Israel
Holland v. Kazakhstan
Italy v. Azerbaijan
Latvia v. Iceland (aka "One For The Purists")
Malta v. Norway
Turkey v. Czech Republic
Wales v. Bosnia-Herzegovina


Uzbekhistan v. Bahrain
Oman v. Costa Rica
United Arab Emirates v. Australia
Saudi Arabia v. Uruguay
Landon "Derek Jeter Farewell Tour" Donovan vs. Ecuador


A Bunch Of Other Games I Can't Be Bothered To Type Out Just Now, But Can Be Found Here