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Klose to Arsenal might not be a thing, now

And just like that, another rumor bites the dust

"Should I stay or should I go?"
"Should I stay or should I go?"
Paolo Bruno

Just as quickly as the rumor machine picked up "Miroslav Klose to Arsenal," a Real Journalist from a Credible Newspaper, in this case Jeremy Wilson from the Telegraph, is shooting down the prospects of this proposed transfer:

No eventual movement on this front means that Arsene Wenger is very comfortable with Nicklas Bendtner backing up Olivier Giroud to finish out the season.  Whether or not you feel Bendtner is deserving of being the first option off the bench to replace Giroud, this tells me that Wenger is comfortable with the depth and, potentially, not worth spending the remaining time left in this transfer window searching for another striker when there are other positions of need that could easily be shored up.

Again, things could change and the next post could very easily be titled "Klose to Arsenal completed."  Who the hell knows.