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Wenger offered chance to sign Berbatov, turned down opportunity

The Fulham striker looks set to move on from Fulham today, with Arsenal being offered a shot at capturing him

His smile is clearly photoshopped
His smile is clearly photoshopped
Steve Bardens

With Fulham bringing in Greek striker Kostas Mitroglou earlier today from Olympiacos, Dimitar Berbatov - facing an uncertain future after this season with his contract expiring in June - has been relegated to the dreaded bin labeled "Surplus to Requirements."  Given that Arsenal have been pretty active in attempting to secure additional striker help this transfer window, the west London club decided to pick up the phone and give Arsene Wenger a call to see if he wanted the Bulgarian.

And, it appears, Wenger told them nope, no sir, no can do:

Whether or not they'll regret it is purely hindsight in nature and a bit rich to say now, but all we can do is thank the heavens above Wenger kept that forever-frowning man away from the club.  Seriously, has anyone ever seen him smile?

All is not lost for Berbatov, as it appears he's on his way to Monaco instead as a Falcao replacement until the end of the season.