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Will Arsene Wenger turn to Miroslav Klose?

The Lazio striker might be Wenger's next rabbit out of the hat today, as rumors are quickly surrounding him and a move to Arsenal

Paolo Bruno

Arsene Wenger, the Daily Star and other outlets are now reporting, has turned his attention away from Germany for a moment and is now looking to the blue side of Rome in search of his next transfer target today.  Miroslav Klose, German international striker who's been at Lazio since 2011 after featuring for Bayern Munich for four seasons, appears to be Wenger's Plan B option if the Draxler rumors don't bear any fruit before the window shuts.

Klose is 35 and obviously isn't a player the club will count on for an extended period of time, but there's no doubting his ability to still put the ball in the back of the net when needed.  He's netted five goals in fifteen appearances for the Biancocelesti this season, and scored a memorable goal in last season's derby victory over city rivals Roma.

Of course, being German is an advantage these days when looking at potential Arsenal transfer targets (as is, of course, having talent in the first place), and Klose could easily fit in both from a locker room perspective as well as being the optimal center forward backup to Olivier Giroud.

As the day progresses, we'll keep you updated with any further news on this particular transfer story.