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Emmanuel Frimpong goes away

The 24-year old, out of contract at the end of the season, joins the Championship club on a permanent deal

But seriously, Frimmy, sort out your hair
But seriously, Frimmy, sort out your hair
Paul Thomas

It's been known for some time that Emmanuel Frimpong didn't have a future at Arsenal.  Coming up through the Academy with Jack Wilshere, Frimpong had as much promise as his fellow teammate, but things never quite panned out for him.  He had a great preseason in 2010 and promptly tore his ACL for the first time in his career, shelving his promise for a future date.

Sadly, that promise never delivered, as he moved today to Barnsley on permanent deal.

He featured for Arsenal's first two matches of the 2011-2012 season, the later netting him two yellows in the home fixture versus Liverpool.  Four more sub appearances followed, the last being the infamous League Cup tie versus Manchester City where he clashed with former Gunner Samir Nasri.

He was then farmed out to Wolves at the start of the 2012 calendar year, but as fate has ruthlessly judged against him in his young career, he tore his ACL again only five appearances in.  He came back last season healthy and managed to navigate short loan spells at Wolves again, followed by Charlton Athletic, before arriving back at Arsenal at the start of this season and had yet to feature for them prior to the move to Barnsley.

Perhaps known more for his off-the-pitch ventures as time wore on, Frimpong should hopefully see this move to a smaller club that will give him more time to develop as a player as a second-chance of sorts.  There's talent there within him.  Getting him to focus first on what matters most, the sport, should hopefully see his career rejuvenated.

However, that said, what can't be questioned about him is his love for Arsenal, his boyhood club.   He's always been there to support Arsene Wenger from criticism, quick to call out former players who've moved on and always counted on to troll our northern neighbors.  I don't doubt for a second that there's a bit of sadness today residing within him, and I truly hope all Gunners join me in wishing him well in the future, wherever it takes him, and hopefully the club won't shut the door on him if he ever decides to come back and see the boys.

Until then, my friend, Dench.