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Deadline Day Open Thread

Talk about how much you'll wish Julian Draxler moved to Arsenal, and other things, right here

Hopefully a picture of a dog on a boat will cheer us all up
Hopefully a picture of a dog on a boat will cheer us all up
Richard Heathcote

I'll admit I'm crazy bummed about Julian Draxler.  I really believe that he'll be moving in the summer, and I really believe it'll be much more difficult to get him, only because if Arsenal weren't prepared to go to the figure that his release clause will be in a few months time, then they're not prepared to do that in the summer while other clubs will certainly do so.  My hope is if he doesn't move to Arsenal, that he doesn't move to another EPL club.  The kid looks the part and everyone has been tripping over themselves with praise for his talent and the future that awaits him.

So we're on to other targets for the day.  It appears we're starting to see some player movement away from the club and a certain Swede plying his trade in Mother Russia looks to be joining us soon.  So stay tuned, talk about all your transfer gossip here and let's find a way, as a group, to move past the What Might Have Been sad thoughts about the German wunderkind.