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Arsenal Ladies Are Signing And Resigning

In which good things are happening for Arsenal Ladies, and its not in an alternate universe.

Scottish FA

Its been a minute since any Arsenal Ladies news popped up on your Short Fuse homepage (because this is set as your homepage right?) and I take full responsibility for that. With apologies out of the way, lets focus on the fact that no bad news has happened for a little over 3 weeks. Yes! Its Ripley's Believe It Or Not in here!

Seeing as no bad news has happened, this MUST mean that good news has happened instead. This is an assumption that is so very correct. In the past three weeks, Arsenal has resigned two players of the utmost importance, and added another young midfielder to their ranks. All very exciting, so let's dive in.

First let's start with the newbie coming to London. A warm round of applause for Christie Murray is in order. If that name sounds familiar its because Arsenal just finished facing off against Murray's old squad, Glasgow City, in the UWCL round of 16. As we all remember Arsenal took care of business winning 6-2 on aggregate and now has a date set up with familiar foe Birmingham City in March.

Murray played in four games of Glasgow's UWCL run, and all of those games were in the knockout rounds. No goals or assists for the 23 year old, but she's a young player with a lot of energy to contribute on a team that needs depth. Primarily a midfielder, Murray can also step up into the attack in the forward position. Huzzah versatility!

Interestingly enough, Murray has had experience under head honcho Shelley Kerr before during her time with the Scottish FA's National Performance Center. It seems that Murray can fit in right away at the club. Once again, welcome Christie!

Onto some old faces with new contracts. Rachel Yankey Doodle Dandy has officially signed a new contract for the Gunners. Fabulous. Yankey may not have the same engine she had back in 1996, when she first debuted for Arsenal, but she's still an incredible leader for this club. Who doesn't love a Yankey cross into the box? No one. In fact one person that really likes crosses into the box has also resigned. Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Our Queen Kelly Smith has also signed a brand new contract with Arsenal. Smith will be continuing in her role as a player-coach, and, hopefully, rising like the phoenix from her injury issues to lead Arsenal to glory. That's a lot of pressure I know, not everyone can be Jean Grey, but if anyone can do it its England's all-time leading goalscorer.

As obvious as this statement is, it's always nice to see new players coming in and fan favorites sticking around. Here's hoping the good news continues into the coming weeks as well!