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Alex Scott Signs New Contract

The New Year smiles down upon the Gunners

During the dark era, what I'm dubbing the end of 2013, rumors were flying all around about which player was going to be leaving next. One big name that was on my radar was the always lovely Alex Scott. The defender has pretty solid ties to the Boston Breakers, a team she played for during the WPS days (RIP, gone too soon) that is now back in action in the NWSL. Its safe to say I was on the edge of my seat almost every time the Breakers made an announcement.

Well. That didn't happen. In fact, the exact opposite happened. It was announced today that Scott has signed a brand spankin new long term contract with Arsenal. This is some of the best news Arsenal has received in a while.

The outside back recently reached 100 caps with the English national team, and also represented Team GB at the olympics. But I don't need to give you an autobiography on Alex Scott. So let me tell you how her staying is going to improve this team. The loss of Steph Houghton hurt. However, with Alex Scott staying that loss hurts a little less. Alex Scott invented the attacking outside back. Ok that's pretty false. But Scott is an excellent outside back that does well getting into the attack.

Keeping Alex Scott also keeps a good deal of leadership on the field. Add in the new addition of Casey Stoney, and despite the loses Arsenal has sustained this offseason, the defense remains a strength. A team that only allowed 11 goals against last season, the best in the league, could do more of the same. A solid new keeper coming in, and a back line made of quality veterans.

Yes, the offense is still a concern, but if 2014 continues the way its gone so far for the Gunners I think their is a lot to be positive about.