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Aaron Ramsey out another two months


Michael Regan

When Wayne Veysey tweeted this a while ago

I had high hopes that it was bullshit. Veysey isn't the most reliable guy in the business, but lately he's been a bit better and frankly I had a mix of hope and concern in my heart. Then it popped up some other places, then it hit Arseblog News, and now I'm just upset.

As you know, Aaron Ramsey has been Arsenal's best player this season, and as you also know, he hasn't played in a month after suffering an injury on Boxing Day. This new injury is in the same thigh, which is worrying; it happened in training, which is also worrying.

It's especially painful for Arsenal because of the long and tough stretch of games coming up over the two months Ramsey is likely to be missing, and double especially painful after Mathieu Flamini's brainless sending off against Southampton today. The central midfield has gone from a position of depth to a position of concern quickly, and players like Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere will be leaned on hard for a while.

This won't doom Arsenal, but it will crank up the difficulty level of the rest of this season a bit.